Calibrate my Fixturlaser

Calibrate my Fixturlaser

FixturLaser Calibration And Service

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SWB Plus Reliability Service is the certified service centre for FixturLaser products in Australasia. The service centre is certified to carry out repairs, servicing and calibration of all FixturLaser products including; Combilaser, Dirigo, Go Pro, Go Basic, XA, EVO and NXA.

FixturLaser Calibration, What is included?

Calibration, clean and function check:

  • Pre-check of angularity and linearity.
  • Cleaning of the display unit and measuring units.
  • Firmware and software updates if available
  • Goodwill upgrade or modification of hardware if available.
  • Calibration and verification of angularity and linearity.
  • Issuing of calibration certificates, containing pre-check values and after calibration values.

Contact SWB Plus Service Centre for any calibration and service enquires

Mathew Smart

+61 499 911 110


Shipping Details:

Attn                 Mathew Smart

Statewide Bearings, SWB Plus Service Centre

13 Streiff Road Wingfield

SA 5013

Display Unit serial Number – _____________________________


Please also include a return address.



National SWB Plus Head Office
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